I can arrange printing topsheets by thermosublimation. This will take approx. 2-3 weeks. For this I need a JPG or PDF with a resolution of 300 dpi. The image should come as a rectangle. For example: For a ski with 1850 mm length and and 120/100/110 mm width the image should have the dimensions of 1890 x 280 mm. Because white areas cannot be printed they should be transparent instead and the resin stained white. All prints will develop best quality if the resin is stained white and the uppermost fibre is glass fibre. Instead you can also cover the print using the casting varnish (see our shop). If you order 10 topsheets or more I can order the topsheets already covered white. The print is possible on brilliant topsheet up to 340 mm width, on faint topsheet up to 330 mm width, and on topsheet gripp (corund) up to 345 mm width. Maximal length is 1950 mm. All topsheets come with a 0,5 mm protective foil as in our shop. The price is € 95,- incl. topsheet for one pair of skis. It gets cheaper if I order several topsheets to be printed. If order topsheets for 5 pairs of skis (different prints are possible) the price reduces to € 60,-/pair, for 2 pairs of skis € 75,-/pair, for 3 pairs € 70,-/pair. Questions or you want to order? Send an eMail to:


New Shipping conditions since 17.11.2014

Up to now I have placed all parcels in two GLS package stores (Germany and Austria). Since the Austrian shop closed in 2014 and the German store too in 2015, I had to change shipping procedures. Unfortunately shipping costs will rise for some countries (e.g. Austria). For others (e.g. Switzerland) it will get cheaper. All shipping charges are shown under “Shipping Charges” at the end of this page.


I’m now able to ship resin and varnish also to Switzerland, up to 5 kg per parcel. Orders from Switzerland and Liechtenstein can now be placed directly in our store. Shipping charges for Switzerland include customs duty. Articles will be send without VAT. Customs duty and swiss VAT might be charged in Switzerland.


Move to Germany!

We have moved to Germany. From 01.03.2014 the german VAT applies.

New address:
Georg Hochkofler
Joseweg 3
87459 Pfronten

Black Base!

The black base is 32 cm in width and only ment to be used for snowboards. Therefore we now have a black base 16 cm in width for skis.

Transparent or coloured base for skis should be split lengthwise first before being cut to final shape.
Attention! The base is very sensitive to temperature changes as long as it is not glued.
The rough and grinded side of the black base should be glued.
For transparent, cloured, and also the 32 cm black base both sides are similar and prepared to be glued.



Two-layer, a soft layer for better bonding and a hard layer as a better scratch protection. The glossy topsheet has a protective film which is also sanded. To detect the adhesive side, simply loosen the protective foil at a corner. The roughened glue side is already flamed and should not be soiled.
Only when absolutely necessary clean carefully with acetone and allow to dry very well.
Both topsheets are suitable for thermal sublimation and screen printing.
On wood veneer as a design layer you can better take Ski lacquer as protection, since the topsheet on wood does not stick so well.



We glue the cores with a D3 white glue, which is only conditionally water resistant.
This is not a problem as the core should be protected against water, otherwise the wood swells.
We have so far only had good experiences.
However, if you want to glue your cores with epoxy, I can also send the strips separately.

The ABS sidewalls are glued with the ground and flamed side with a PUR wood glue.


For a pair of skis you need:

– 2 m Base (32cm width) or 4 m Base (16cm width)
– 4 pieces Edges 2m straight or 2 pieces Edges 4m curved
– 8 m VDS tape
– 4 m glass fiber or carbon fiber
– 2 pieces of Woodcores
– 1 piece Tipspacer
– 1 piece of ABS sidewalls
– 1 kg of Resin (we need for a pair of skis about 700 – 800 g)
– 2 m Topsheet

– 1 bottle of Airout
– Inserts
– Pigments
– Carbon strip
– Foldback brackets
– Template wood
– Skiend


The site from and for Skibuilders. Lots of information and a forum.
There is printed fleece, for your own design, for inserting.
Small, interesting Skicompany.
Mountain bike rides, driving technique training in the Allgäu, private tours and lots of fun !!
The new snow sports school in the Tannheimertal!
There are skibuilding workshops
Skibuilding workshops in Graz.
Skibuilding workshopsin Nufringen
Small but fine Skicompany in Mittenwald, which builds skis according to your wishes.
Ski- and Snowboardbuilding workshops in Hamburg
Ski- and Snowboardbuilding workshopsin Laax in Switzerland

“Die Zeit” Artikel zum Skiaufbau


And now a few photos, which may be helpful at the ski building.




Glue the edge and cover the Base.

Skitemplate and press mold.

Ski with perforated Foil, Absorber fleece and vacuum film in the press.

Top milling machine for sidewall milling.

Top milling machine for sidewall milling.

Cutter set.

3D Core with Tipspacer and Skiend

for Cap-Construktion

Holes for Inserts

2 curved, higher ash strips, remaining poplar

Guide nails for the core go through the Base. (Later small holes)

For binding cores with bCore cores cut approx. 4 mm deep.

Laminate of two thick ash veneers and carbon triax glued.

Recessed crimping tool for edge bending.

Lots of power.

Adjustable radius. Tongs of Holzskibau Mittenwald.

Edgbendingpliers Skibaumarkt.

Finely ground pliers.

Every radius with power and feeling.